Linking to tags and categories pages

Hi, total newbie question here.

I have a blog page which lists categories and tags as hyper links. The problem I am having is that I cant get them to link to anything. Are there special template files I need to do this? If so what are they?

Thanks in advance.

Read here and here to get headed in the right direction. And check out an example.

Thanks for the links - I have read the documentation a few times - it just doesn’t make sense to me. I will keep plugging away though. I get the feeling it will be really obvious when i find the answer.

I created /taxonomy/topic.terms.html,
I have _default/list.html

I am using this code to create the links

    {{ range $taxonomyname, $taxonomy := .Site.Taxonomies }}
  • {{ $taxonomyname }}
      {{ range $key, $value := $taxonomy }}
    • {{ $key }}
    • {{ end }}
  • {{ end }}

I have got it working - still allot to learn here - it seems I was missing this file

Thanks for the help.

Good work.

We’re always trying to improve our documentation for newcomers, so if you have suggestions, we’ll take them. We also take pull requests. :smile: The docs are in the Github repo under docs (it’s a hugo site).

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