Learning from CloudCannon tut: code not recognized in content .md file

I’m learning hugo going through the CloudCannon tutorial, and am in unit 4, Templating Basics.
The page in question can be seen here
The brackets and some HTML ( tags) are not being recognized, anything within … is not displayed at all, anything in {{ brackets is just printed out as written. It looks from the tutorial like anything in brackets should be parsed, what step might I have missed?

Template code ( {{ foo }} ) goes in template files.

I’m not sure what you need to do, but you might want to look at shortcodes in the documentation.

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(Ugh, that’s not what I understood from the tut.)
Ok thank you so much for the hint!! Reading up on shortcodes…

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Ohhh now I see it. It looked like he was typing in the about.md but he had really opened a new unsaved file just to illustrate the code possibilities while talking.
Ok, we learn by poking about and making mistakes :slight_smile: