Lastmod & Date on List Pages - Is this expected behaviour?

I’ve had a few issues with dates, some my error, and some perhaps a misunderstanding of how they work. I’ve been posting in this thread about this.

However, having identified the cause of my issues being related to a Section with just an but without any further posts essentially having no date.

When I add a post, the Listing page will use the Date and Lastmod of the post.

This makes sense, as it is effectively saying this list page has been updated as a post under this section has been updated.

What perhaps does not make sense is when you have multiple posts in a section the Lastmod of the list page is the Lastmod of the most recent post (fine), and the Date of the list page is also the Date of the most recent post (not fine).

Surely, under this logic, the Date should be the Date of the first post (i.e. the earliest date)?

Also, is this new behaviour in 0.55? I honestly have only just noticed it.

Is there any way to override the dates on the listing pages?

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Can you share the source of your site so that someone can reproduce the bug? That’s the only way to fix it.

If possible, share a minimal reproducible example that shows this issue instead of sharing your whole site.