Last Dropdown items not populating from config.toml in ONE MENU only?

Greetings Hugonauts,
In my project, the (main navigation) “Wood” dropdown menu should look just like the “Steel” dropdown menu in my navigation. But it doesn’t. The last two items are not there and I’m tearing my hair out trying to figure out why.

In config.toml they are set up EXACTLY the same, except one’s parent is “steel” and the other’s parent is “wood”.
Link to my config.toml.
The whole navigation menu is perfect except for this.
There has to be a rational explanation.
You can see the generated site at it’s temporary home here

Thanks in advance for any help!

You’ve got duplicate menu identifiers. The identifiers for Component Machines and Floor Cassettes & Decking are the same as identifiers in the steel menu.

I always like to set my identifiers to be <parent_id>/<child_id> to prevent any collisions like this. So for example, wood/floor-cassettes-and-decking and steel/floor-cassettes-and-decking would prevent this problem

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You don’t need identifier in menus that will not have child menus.

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