Kramdown support? (or, is it possible to use HTML attributes in markdown?)

I’m working on a refactoring project that uses MathJax extensively. I’d like to also use the Kramdown style of HTML attributes in markdown, as that’s the way the original project is set up.

Currently I am using mmark to handle the MathJax, but is there any way to also be able to use HTML attributes in markdown?

Or, rather is it possible to use Kramdown with Hugo, as it has support for both of these features?

Not sure about the Kramdown question but I know you can use HTML in markdown posts. That being said, there are some troubles using both HTML and markdown codes in a markdown content doc. I am not sure what the exact rules are on that, sorry.

I don’t know much about this, but maybe mmark can do it, as it has inline attribute lists. The syntax is different from Kramdown.

I think attributes are fairly safe, but the fastest way to find out is to just put in some HTML and see what works. :slight_smile: