Keep the same number of posts if a category is excluded from a list

I really appreciate the effort! This worked and it should be documented somewhere. However, I do need that code for SEO purposes and I wonder if there is an alternative to show the next and previous page links in the head.

Says who?

Note : In the past, Google used <link rel="next" href="..."> and <link rel="prev" href="..."> to identify next page / previous page relationships. Google no longer uses these tags, although these links may still be used by other search engines.

I have still substantial traffic from bing, so I use the code just in case. So, I assume, the code interferes with the normal working of Hugo Pagination?

Yes. See my previous comment:

There is a way to do what you want, but you’ll need to refactor your templates. And based on our interaction today, you’re not ready for that.

Put this on the list of things that you’ll do someday, and get the rest of your site working properly first.

I am still in the learning phase. I don’t think I require anything complex now apart from enabling search which has also given me a headache for a few days. I think it is true when they say Hugo is difficult to learn in the beginning. Cheers!

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