JSON config file error + using multiple configuration files

Hi. I’m using Hugo v0.30.2 on Windows 10 (in a Git bash). I did a quick test of using two configuration files:

hugo --config config.toml,test.json

config.toml is my main configuration file, which I’ve been using successfully so far.
test.json is my new test configuration file:

    "buildDrafts": "true"

Hugo returns the following error:

Error: Unable to parse/merge Config file (test.json).
 (While parsing config: (1, 1): unexpected token)
  1. Does Hugo’s support for multiple-configuration files include configuration files of different types (such as TOML and JSON)?
  2. If the answer to #1 is yes, can anyone suggest why I’m getting the error?

Note: Initially I used an existing JSON file that I’ve been using successfully with Gulp. When I got the Hugo error, I tried the simple test file, which I wrote in Gvim to ensure that no special characters are inserted.


So that might explain the error … .

Any plans to support multiple configuration files of different formats in the future?

No plans.