js.Build throws <js>: can't evaluate field Build in type string

I am trying to get a pipeline for my js code to work, so I just wanted to get the most basic example going. I followed this simple example. This is baseof.html

<!DOCTYPE html>
   <html lang="en">
       <meta charset="utf-8">
       <meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1">
    {{ $options := (dict "targetPath" "css/main.css") }}
    {{ $stylemain := resources.Get "scss/main.scss" | toCSS $options }}
    <link rel="stylesheet" href="{{ $stylemain.Permalink }}">
This is some test page.

{{ $built := resources.Get "js/main.js" | js.Build }}
<script src="{{ $built.RelPermalink }}"></script>

Yet on running hugo I receive the error message

Error: Error building site: failed to render pages: render of "home" failed: "/home/fridde/examplesite/layouts/_default/baseof.html:384:42": execute of template failed: template: _default/list.html:13:42: executing "_default/list.html" at <js>: can't evaluate field Build in type string

What a totally unhelpful error message. Is “js” considered to be a string? Why?

I have tried to find documentation for resources.Get and have tried to find where js.Build is defined. But since I have no experience with Go, this has been a doomed project. It doesn’t seem to be a scope problem, as similar threads have suggested.
Also, the .scss conversion to .css in the <head> works just fine without any problem.

Anyone who can point me to where things go wrong? How would you try to debug this?

What Hugo version are you using?

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What, shit.

It seems like running sudo apt install hugo gives me Hugo version 0.68.3-1.

God this is annoying. I keep the post above for future reference.

So just to understand Go a little bit better: Why would the “js” in js.Build be considered a string and not just an undefined object?
It would have been much more helpful if I had gotten some error of the type “Reference to undefined object “js” on line XY”. This would have pointed me in the right direction.

Not a Go dev, so can’t answer the why.

For reference: at least Hugo v0.74 is needed.

As an update for everyone and future me: After manually updating to 0.79.1 (extended) everything works as smooth as expected.

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