Jekyll like nested layouts

I wanted to know if there is an equivalent of Jekyll’s nested layouts in Hugo. See . Hugo has partials in parallel to includes and layouts with a very similar concept. While there are multiple baseof templates in Hugo, it seems they don’t support nesting (there is only one level of inheritance in Hugo - baseof to single/list etc.)

I think cascade is what you’re looking for:

Cascade is for front matter not layouts. Nested layouts are equivalent to multi-level inheritance where baseof provides only one level.

You can accomplish what you want using partials and blocks. It would be easier to help you if you had a specific scenario that you want to ask about.

I would check out :

you can do some pretty complex things… i don’t know if it counts as “multi-level inheritance” … then again, without an example, i don’t think that i know what that looks like…

and, of course, conditionals can be used for a lot of this…