JavaScript file not working in Eddie Webb theme! 😓

Hello Everyone! I am creating my portfolio website using “Eddie Webb Resume Theme”. I had few questions at the beginning but thanks to @jmooring they were answered.
Now I am facing another difficulty (probably the last one!!). I have done everything and created my portfolio but I noticed that the javascript file is not working as it is supposed to. Like in mobile version of the site the navigation bar should close when a nav item is clicked according to the code in javascript file (resume.js) but it is not. And there should be smooth jquery scrolling but that feature is also not working. I know I messed something up, but If you can guide me as to what is it that I did and how to fix this. I would greatly appreciate your help. Thank you!

This is the code that I am working on: GitHub - shusingh/my-hugo-portfolio

This is the live website:

This is the screenshot of the javascript file that is supposed to work:

Thank you!

Displayed in the browser console when visiting your site…

I see that now. Do you know how can I fix it? Did I mess something up?
Locally it throw this error:

Let’s take them one at a time…

CSS Error


It is looking for css/resume-override.css which does not exist. Either create the file or delete these two lines from the template.

Cannot read property ‘swing’ of undefined


Replace that line with:


That solved it😅!! I can not thank you enough. I truly appreciate this. You are godsent!
Thank you so much, Sir!

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