Issues with a jvqm world map as a seperate html/javascript generated page

So when trying to add a world map to my website, with places I visited as PhD and post-doctoral student. For this I found a pretty nice interface tool, called JQVMqps.

I have a collegue who is actively using this at a non-hugo website, so I added his generator code to a new page called, under a travel folder (which is linked in the menu already).

The code can be found here:

It seems that it is not working as expected


Anyone has a clue what I could be doing wrong?

The content files can contain only content (for HTML, it means, the stuff inside body tags). So you cannot have the head tags in there.

Instead you can copy/paste that whole HTML snippet as layouts/foo/single.html and just set the type front-matter in the content file to foo, and leave the content file empty except for any other front-matter that you like.

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Thank you @kaushalmodi, that indeed removed the faulty errors and it seems the page is loading now. However I am not yet seeing my map. Guess I am doing something wrong still in the html code.

I am correct if I say that in order for everything the snippet needs, I need to place dependencies inside the static folder?


I haven’t reviewed your code. I would check the actually static resource links that resolve in the generated HTML… (Ctrl+U in web browser… at least in Chrome/Firefox)… do they point at the right place?

Just wondering, the layouts/foo/single.html is that under the theme/academic in my case? Or do I have to add a layouts folder under my website generation folder myself?

Either would work… as this is your own tweak, I would put that in your <SITE_ROOT>/layouts/foo/. (<SITE_ROOT> is the dir containing config.toml).

I just uploaded my test code of my website to

If you have the time, could you maybe have a quick look why the travel page does not seem to load anything of the layout I created? Pressing the CTRL+U in firefox does not seem to include the layout contents…

UPDATE, it does work … it seems the page is at, now have to figure out why there is an extra folder?

@kaushalmodi you maybe have any idea why this double identation is happening. I know I fixed this issue once with my CV page, but im unable to retrace my steps :frowning:

Solved it!

Seems that you do not need a folder/page construction for single pages only. Learned something new agian :slight_smile: