Issue with my structure?

So I’m building my site and all is going well. I have come to a problem which I can’t seem to resolve with how I want.

I have a page, let’s call it /employees which uses a data file to populate employees, it serves an image, their name and location they cover. This works fine.

On the /employees page I am linking through to individual profiles for each employee. I want to structure these under locations (/employees/location/employeename)

I can get this working, but to do so I have to change the in /employees to (list file) which obviously goes against what I want to do.

My gut feeling is I need to drop the data file, and somehow make a double list (/employees, /employees/location) which doesnt bother me but I need the lists from /locations to all render into /employees)

Hopefully this makes sense - if I don’t have the then I get 404 errors on the /employees/location and /employees/location/employeename


If you want nested pages that are navigable, you will have to use, otherwise the nested md files will just be treated as page resources. Why does this go against what you want to do?

You will probably get better help by sharing a link to your site code repo. Have a read about Requesting Help .

I would use taxonomies

set location = loco in frontmatter of every employe and use taxonomy list pages …