Issue disabling the sidebar and loading the navbar correctly in Hextra theme

I’m new to Hugo, so I apologize in advance if this topic is trivial. I have a very specific website design, with what I call projects as root sub-directories, each unique on their menu structure, content, etc., but all sharing the same Hextra theme.

In this PR, I’m importing the content from /k3s-cluster, into /docs and everything works as expected. I’m trying to determine the root cause why when I visit http://localhost:1313/k3s-cluster/:

Please see below the detailed screenshots.

Directory structure:

├── docs -- FRONTPAGE
│   ├── content
│   ├── resources
│   └── static
├── global -- MODULE, imported into /docs and /k3s-cluster
│   ├── i18n
│   ├── layouts
│   └── static
├── k3s-cluster -- PROJECT
│   ├── content
│   ├── resources
│   └── static
└── public -- FRONTPAGE
    ├── categories
    ├── css
    ├── images
    ├── js
    ├── k3s-cluster -- PROJECT
    ├── lib
    └── tags


I’m not able to disable the sidebar:

Looking at hextra/layouts/hextra-home.html at main · imfing/hextra · GitHub, I see defined in there the following condition:

{{ partial "sidebar.html" (dict "context" . "disableSidebar" true) }}

I don’t understand where the context dictionary is used/defined, so the above settings are taken into account.

Top Navbar

The side menus work properly, but they are not loaded into top navbar. I probably need some condition to load them correctly:

I would expect to have the top navbar title and menus loaded from /k3s-cluster/hugo.yaml, but instead, they are loaded from /docs/hugo.yaml.

@razon, you helped me in the past and are familiar with the site design. If you have a chance to look into it, it will be greatly appreciated. I’m very close to a proper solution.

The question is too long to follow, I haven’t read this, it would helpful for others if you can cut off the question as short as possible.

Done @razon, thank you for letting me know.