Is there any way to exclude katex section to be loaded by markdown?

When I try to insert inline equation in hugo:
(1+1=2) doesn’t work, and \(1+1=2\) work, because of markdown renderer, I guess.
It’s not a big problem when I’m writing simple equation, but when it come’s to this:

$$\begin{align}{}_{n}A_{m}&=\int^{\beta}_\alpha (x-\alpha)^n(\beta-x)^mdx\\&=\frac{n}{m+1}\int^{\beta}_\alpha (x-\alpha)^{n-1}(\beta-x)^{m+1}dx\\&=\frac{n}{m+1}{}_{n-1}A_{m+1} \end{align}$$

It is well loaded when there ISN’T markdown renderer BEFORE rendering katex. But when markdown renderer work BEFORE rendering katex, it doesn’t work, and I can’t guess quickly what I should rewrite to work this in hugo.

It’s a serious problem for me, because I use two platform to write equations: Ghost&Notion, and Hugo.
In Ghost&Notion(Or latex or anything else), since markdown renderer don’t work BEFORE katex, newline feed is \\(it’s a simple example) and everything is okay.
But in Hugo, since markdown renderer work BEFORE katex, newline feed is \\\\ and it is conflicting with Ghost&Notion.

I’m searching way to exclude namely ‘katex section’, or ‘equation section’ to be rendered by markdown, but since I’m do not well know the structure of hugo, I can’t revise it easily. Wait for some helpful advise from everyone.

Ah, I’ve already know that I can manually exclude my equation section by defining shortcode, such as ‘rawhtml’.

{{< rawhtml >}}
$$\begin{align}{}_{n}A_{m}&=\int^{\beta}_\alpha (x-\alpha)^n(\beta-x)^mdx\\&=\frac{n}{m+1}\int^{\beta}_\alpha (x-\alpha)^{n-1}(\beta-x)^{m+1}dx\\&=\frac{n}{m+1}{}_{n-1}A_{m+1} \end{align}$$
{{< /rawhtml >}}

But it is not a automated solution, and is very annoying to me since I’m parallelly using both of Ghost&Notion and Hugo blog. I want some automated solution, if possible.

using pandoc instead of default markdown loader worked for me.

It is very suprising that netlify can make page by pandoc without any manual setting by me!
It wasn’t totally I expected, but it is very happy news to me.

But I guess I can’t use tableOfContents and code highlighting with pandoc(without further setting), which is sad news… I guess I should watch out for solution for those.

I use a renderhook :wink:

from index.html

 \begin{align}{}_{n}A_{m}&=\int^{\beta}_\alpha (x-\alpha)^n(\beta-x)^mdx\\&=\frac{n}{m+1}\int^{\beta}_\alpha (x-\alpha)^{n-1}(\beta-x)^{m+1}dx\\&=\frac{n}{m+1}{}_{n-1}A_{m+1} \end{align}



you need a new version of HUGO