Is it possible to recreate (lost) markdown from functioning website?

My hugo website is all fine up on its remote server but I have lost all the local markdown content and images and so on. Stupid, I know.

Is there a way to back down the sources from the website - a sort of oguh (hugo backwards) ?

No, there is not.

Are you sure you don’t have a remote copy of the repository somewhere, perhaps on the production server? Or a hidden .git directory on an old drive? Or a copy of your site in a long-forgotten Dropbox account or similar?

It’s definitely not possible to get the source code of the website back, but, if the markdown content is the only thing that’s needed, you might have some luck with some HTML to markdown converters. The result is going to be cumbersome to fix, but, might work, depends on the number of times it’s to be done.

Thanks for replies. I didn’t hold out much hope but it was worth a try. Of course I should have backed up (and helped old ladies to cross the road etc) so it’s my fault. Even worse because I spent ten years telling undergraduate computer scientists that if they didn’t back up their work I would have no sympathy when it got lost.

There is no existing solution for it, but it would not take too much work to scrape it (depending on the structure) and then convert it back to md-files. You can PM me if you would like me to take a look at it.

Thanks for kind offer but I have realised that I would only need md files if I have to change anything. To be honest I can write HTML/css as fast as md so I will just change that if I need to.

Pandoc? Converting a web page to markdown in