Is it possible to implement several different block from one single .md file

Warmest greetings.
I am a newcomer into the Hugo. And would love to find out how to implement the following, if that is possible of course:
I want the pages of my website, be easily text-content customizable by anybody from content managers to a 12year old girl willing to write her blog by just changing the markdown basic syntax content. However, I am not a fan of pure html into .md files using Goldmark. My question is, is it possible to somehow take different parts of my Markdown blocks from the same page and implement it into my html shortcodes not taking the whole page content? What I am trying to acheive, is that person could just change different content directly from .md pages, but the whole page structure would be in my shortcodes so I could easily customize it with CSS.
Would be grateful for any kind of advises.

Don’t complete understand what you want to do :wink:

Could shortcode .Inner mechanism work for you?

We do have our pages stored in content folder, and those files are markdown. Markdown does not support that much of a styling, which is why I want to create a template for each page in my shortcodes, and take not the whole page, as I assume .inner is doing, but only concrete block for concrete shortcode from the same page. For example I do have heading, paragraph and a picture in my .md file, can I get separately the heading and implement it into necessary page section but in my page template.

Every markdown file will generate one output file. If you need more, you must define more custom output formats. If you need different output lyaouts, create templates and set layout=template-name in frontmatter.