Is it possible to have a plugin/wrapper for versioning in Hugo?

I’m currently working on versioning the thanos website docs which is powered by Hugo, and the goal is to allow users to navigate to the docs of each release. Initially, we build each release as a separate branch on GitHub thus allowing us to have a different docs each release. We are looking at building a plugin/wrapper to help automate the versioning process in our Hugo site. Is it possible to have a plugin automate the versioning process on our Hugo site? Any ideas on how to make this better?

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Currently there is no Hugo API for plugins.

@onedrawingperday What’s the best possible solution to docs versioning on Hugo? Your thoughts are highly appreciated

Others in this forum know best regarding documentation versioning.

I am a designer who happens to code.

With that said have a look at this old post:

The topic is from 2017 but nothing has changed regarding plugin support since then and the post I am linking is by the Hugo maintainer -also have a look at the replies below-.

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Alright. Would check it out. Thanks for the feedback

Awesome. Is there any space for community tools then? Looks like everyone is building exactly the same thing. Does HUGO has some kind of community org or “recommended” tools and integrations? This feature looks like some quick pre-processing to be done before hugo. (:

Looks like this discussions is literally about “How to collaborate with Hugo users on something extremely useful”

You might want to follow these 2 issues on GitHub:

There hasn’t been much progress but at some point Hugo will get some kind of integration with other tools like for example with third party CMS or e-commerce backend software (that export JSON) etc.

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