Is it possible to customize the categories/tages url?

For example, I have some posts with the same tags or categories like:

title: "XXXX"
    - cat_old
    - tag_old

The this post will be listed in http://baseurl/categories/cat_old and http://baseurl/tags/tag_old.

My questions is: Is it possible to customize the url like: http://baseurl/categories/cat_new and http://baseurl/tags/tag_new/

I know Hexo has a similiar function call categories mapping.
Dose Hugo has the same function?

Thank you in advance.

looks to me you are trying to rename categories and tags, is that it?

I would run a find-and-replace on them and set up server redirects based on the old url.

Nope, Hugo doesn’t have that feature. :slight_smile:

Actually, it is because I want to make the tags different from the url. My blog is Chinese. But the virtual host I used did not support Chinese url. So if a tag is Chinese. The tag url will not function correctly.

Thank you for your information. It seems I have to switch to Hexo.

If you don’t have a lot of different categories and tags, you can overload in /content like

    _index. md
    _index. md 

and call the taxonomyList in your directory layout /newtaxonomyname/list.html
and don’t forget to call the type in the frontmatter of _index. md