Is it possible to append to a theme partial?

I like a particular theme partial, but want to add to it.

The default index.html is good. It has a partial of head.html. I want to append to the theme’s head.html. I don’t want to have to override index.html.

Is there a way I can put my own partials/head.html in place and call themes/theme/layouts/partials/head.html from inside it?

I guess this idea is an outlier, so I’ll abandon it.

If the partial you like is located in themes/sometheme/layouts/partials/somefile.html then create a file called layouts/partials/somefile.html (in your root directory). Copy over the contents of the original file and edit to your use. That’s how this is supposed to be done :slight_smile:

Slightly more “professional”:

  • create a second theme mytheme
  • create the partial with identical path in your theme and change
  • add in your config `themes: [“originaltheme”, “mytheme”].

Everything to the right overrides everything to the left. Everything not available on the right is used from the left. The “root”-layouts folder will override all themes.


Thanks for the feedback. :slight_smile: