How to override a theme's partials?

I know that I can override a theme’s templates by creating my own copies in /layouts/ (and that works as expected for example with 404.html. But what would I do to override a theme’s partial? Providing my own copy of, for example, header.html in /layouts/partials/ does not seem to work.

Is it possible at all to override a theme’s partials that way?

That’s how you do it.

Right. I should’ve taken a closer look at the theme – they put the partial in a subdirectory of partials. Replicating that setup in layouts does exactly what I hoped to achieve.

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I do this too for organizational purposes.

No objection. I just didn’t notice the extra part of the path :wink:

It happens. I don’t use themes myself. I made my own painstakingly.

Yes, I find that to be a better approach, too. Just in this one case, I wanted to cut corners. Which I should not do, I know.

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