Is it possible to achieve this with hugo?

I have an issue with the way hugo is currently creating files in public directory

Issue : Following directories are generated {They both are identical files}

Is there any way to tell hugo to stop rendering files into posts directory but continue to generate them under public. Also can the solution be implemented vice-versa?

Folder structure of content directory :

Aprreciate your help :slight_smile:

Please provide a link to your repo, then we can understand and help you with your issue.

No. On a personal site I actually just delete the posts directory via rm -rf posts. The issue is, that you might have somewhere in your layouts or content files a reference to the posts directory. Delete it manually and test your site if any links stop working. Your specific case is that your startpage is not a dedicated page, but the “posts” lists itself. which is a double, yeah… maybe a canonical meta link will soothe your issues.

Regarding the vice-versa - that depends on the structure of your content directory. It might be possible to add a directly in your content directory and forward calls to / to /posts/ instead. But that might break your whole site depending on your content structure. Versa-vise seems the better solution.

Thanks!! @davidsneighbour I think 2nd option might work. I will use root index file to just render only a handful of posts and include a button that redirects to /posts for paginated pages. Appreciate the quick response :slight_smile:
Have a great day!!

Thanks for your reply. Unfortunately I cannot as its hosted in a private server with limited access.