Is Hugo Right for Me?

Morning Everyone,

I’m working on a new web project and wondering if Hugo CMS would work for the frontend website. We basically need a flat file website that updates 16-25 sections of a web page with data provided by an API. I like the project, but since I’m not a developer myself, I figured I would ask the Hugo community.

This sounds like a reasonable fit. Hugo can certainly generate content from an API response.

That’s great, the last question would be this: as a new user uses our application, we would need to be able to generate a web page based off their “account number”, this can be dynamic or a static page could be created, but there is no registration, either the “account number” would have data or it wouldn’t.

If you haven’t already done so, I suggest you follow the quick start guide and try it yourself. Generating a static page from the CLI is easy, but your question is complex/vague.

Again, best to try it yourself.

For creating pages from user data you would need server processing, possibly at your API end. Hugo won’t create pages instantly from userfed data.

This is a really simple example of creating content from a remote data file:

git clone --single-branch -b hugo-forum-topic-45433 hugo-forum-topic-45433
cd hugo-forum-topic-45433
rm -rf prebuild/public && hugo -s prebuild && hugo server