Is HUGO Database-less?

I have just joined this forum and the first question that comes to mind: does not this framework rely on some SQL database?

I mean, where are page titles and content stored? Where would comments for example be stored?

This section of the documentation should help you answer your question:


@davidsneighbour I actually asked the question here to skip reading the documentation :slight_smile:

I will happily start using HUGO in future projects. I understand that there is no SQL database support / implementation at all. All content is served in static files. Correct me if I am wrong.

It’s an ssg so no, there is no database. You can pull data from data files so some level of integration is possible. Feel free to open another question once you have a read of the docs and try it.


Yes, there is no database in the sense of classical “backend database” used to generate pages on the fly.

But you can have a behaviour “as if” there was a database for generating content because you can compute pages from .json or .csv files for example, in complement of .yaml content.

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