Internal links in a post pointing incorrectly

I use normal MDLink in my post. I have converted it from wikilinks as wikilinks don’t work in Hugo.

Problem is that when I put normal MDlink. It point to incorrect file leading to 404 error.


I want to place a link to simplenote ( in a file called )

I write


When I navigate to website. humble note opens fine. But when I click the simplenote link.

I get a link that points to


which gives 404 error.

whereas what I need is


Please Help :pray:

Do [simplenote][/simplenote/] instead of [simplenote](simplenote).

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This solved the problem.

Alright. The last time I tried that code, it turned all my internal links into one link which was the same as the post link. So, examine carefully that every internal link works as expected.

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