Integration of Google Sheets API

I’m looking for some assistance regarding the integration of Google Sheets API with Hugo. I have a Google Sheet containing a list of properties for sale and rent, and I would like to turn each row into a listing page on my Hugo website.

My question is: should I create separate folders for sale and rent, or is there a way to utilize Hugo’s functionality to automatically categorize the listings? The main categories are ‘sale’ and ‘rent,’ and within each category, there are four subcategories: residential, commercial, land, and other. Additionally, there are further subcategories for residential, such as apartment and studio.

I would appreciate any guidance on how to best utilize the Google Sheets API and build these listing pages with Hugo. If you have any suggestions or approaches to tackle this task effectively, I’d love to hear them. Thank you in advance for your help!"

I have built a number of pages that pull the content from Airtable or Notion APIs. A similar approach should work with Google Sheets API.

I wrote a blog post with some example code etc. here: Build Hugo site with Notion and Airtable API –

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Wow! thanks a lot @frjo that’s exactly what I was looking for and I can just use air table instead of google sheets. thanks

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