Inline markup attributed not working for paragraphs

As new hugo supports adding attributes to list and paragraphs also as mentioned here in attributes section but when I add class attribute to a paragraph it doesn’t work

Lorem, ipsum dolor sit amet consectetur adipisicing elit. Neque explicabo, perspiciatis molestias pariatur repellat sit porro voluptate veritatis, excepturi quod voluptatibus officiis vero distinctio? Deleniti ipsa nihil sunt at soluta?

The output is

I tried placing {.bg-black} above on start/end as well but it doesn’t work. Also tried for lists and not working. I tried for headings it did.

Hugo version

My version is 0.83.1 while feature is in 0.81 so it’s weird.


baseURL: ""
languageCode: "en-us"
title: "Site Title"
paginate: 6params:
# build and other other setup
  writeStats: true
      unsafe: true
    endLevel: 2

Thank you for your response.

block = false  <-- change this to true
title = true

please mention in docs as well. TY

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