Inline HTML comments in markdown are visible on rendered page

Using Hugo 0.93 with [markup.goldmark.renderer] and unsafe = true

When building markdown files, Hugo recognizes comments on their own line and does not render them to the site on build

Hello, how are you?
<!-- i don't really know -->
Ok fair enough

However, when I use HTML comments inline (below), it renders to the page but with one dash removed and prints the HTML entity

Hello, how are you? <!-- i don't' really know --> Ok fair enough

&lt;!&ndash; I don't really know &ndash;&gt;


  1. I’m fairly confident this has not always been the case, but not sure at which point the change occurred, whether it be a version of Hugo or the Markup renderer.
  2. Is there something I’m missing or overlooking?

Any feedback would be appreciated. Thank you.

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Not a solution, just some notes on the way there.

  • This started with v0.93.3, where we bumped the Goldmark version from 1.4.7 to 1.4.8
  • The behavior does not follow the CommonMark spec (try it)

I’ve got the ball…


Fantastic, thanks for quick reply and moving this to an issue. Keep up the great work!


Thanks for that headsup!

I just ran rg -thtml '\&lt;\!-- ' in my public/ directory locally and I am safe1.

1 I found 2 matches but both were for intentionally exported HTML comments like this. That just confirmed that the regex works :slight_smile:

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