Inline Code Fence Highlighting with Pygments?

Is this possible? Just trying with `blah` doesn’t work, also it’d be nice to be able to pass the shortcode to this somehow also. I suspect it may not be possible though?

Edit: Sorry, when I say “doesn’t work”, it does “work” in the sense that code tags are applied, but this has a much different effect than when picked up by the Pygments highlighting with the three backticks (totally different CSS), so I suspect the code tags thing isn’t coming from Pygments. So how do I achieve consistency with this?


Use the highlight shortcode.

Is there something I can add to make it inline? On the documentation I searched for ‘inline’ and thought it was for this purpose, but it was just to add line numbers on the left.

Was this not your original question?

I meant “is there a way with using the full shortcodes to inline” with my follow-up question. My initial question was about using code fencing.

Any suggestions for one of these syntax highlighters that supports this, and also supports displaying the filename at the top of the block? Seems Pygments isn’t a good fit for me.

Aha! Not a direct answer/solution to my original question, however I think this may be what I’m looking for: