INFO Alias messages, but I'm not using Aliases

I recently update from Hugo 16 to 20. My site (not yet online) seems to build ok, but when I run Hugo -v I get a lot of INFO messages about Aliases. I did not get these messages previously.

INFO 2017/05/06 11:26:34 Alias “\about\page\1\index.html” translated to "about\page\1\index.html"
INFO 2017/05/06 11:26:35 Alias “\tags\software\page\1\index.html” translated to “tags\software\page\1\index.html”

I am not using aliases anywhere, yet I get these message. Again, things seem to work so far, but I am concerned about this.

Are you using pagination?

Yes, I am.

We create an alias for page 1 to enable “endless scrolling” via javascript.

OK, sounds like I can safely ignore the INFO messages, then. :slight_smile: Thanks for the replies and helpful info!