I’ve tried using the solution that mbertschler suggests in Issue 330. This would allow me to use a markdown file as index.

But when i try rendering my site(hugo), it get this error:

ERROR: 2015/11/02 Error while rendering homepage: html/template:index.html:5: no such template "partials/footer.html" 

And hugo check gives me this: (renderer: markdown) (layout: index/single.html, exists: false) (layout: _default/single.html, exists: true) (layout: theme/index/single.html, exists: false) (layout: theme/_default/single.html, exists: false)
canonical => !no target specified!

Did i miss anything? Or do i create the single.html file in the theme’s directory?

Do you have a footer partial in partials/footer.html? It sounds like it’s looking for one and can’t find it.

It exist in the theme directory. I’m not sure where this message wants it to be?

Strange. Have you tried copying that partial into layouts/partials/footer.html rather than themes/themename/layouts/partials/footer.html as a workaround?

I have a feeling that my problem here might be similar in nature.
I also went down the path: