Index in a range

I have a row with an img on the first half and some text on the other half. I would like to “flip” the img and the text in every second line but I cant figure out how… could someone help me out?


No need to post images with your code.

To make the code show up in the forum either use the code block button </> or wrap it in backticks.

For reference here is the code snippet you posted before adding the image:

    {{ range $file.items}}
		<div class="row">
			<div class="col-6 mt-5">
				<div class="img-holder text-right">
                        <img src="{{ .img_path }}" class="img-fluid" alt="{{ .title }}">
			<div class="col-6  mt-5">
					{{ .title }}
				<p class="m-0">
					{{ .content }}
				<a href="{{ .button_link }}">
					<button class="normal-button mt-3">{{ .button_text }}</button>
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Oh ok, i tried but it gave me a kind of weird preview, thats why I deleted it and uploaded a screenshot :sweat_smile:

To flip the img and text on every other row, see the solution in this thread:

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