{{index . 0}} outputs some untyped numbers

I have some categories in my markdown file.

title: Our New Post
draft: false
image: /img/tech_blog_07.jpg
categories: Technology, Gaming, Love
tags: lve, new, img

But When I put function in template it generates values like 84, 101 etc. Please tell me if there’s an error here.

{{ if .Params.categories }}
        <span class="color-green"><a href="{{.Site.BaseURL}}{{ with .Params.categories }}{{index . 0 | urlize}}{{end}}">{{ with .Params.categories }}{{index . 0}}{{end}}</a></span>{{end}}

84 is the ascii code for the byte T. Your categories value is a string, not an array/slice. Try this instead:

categories: [Technology, Gaming, Love]