Include html from CDN

i have a requirement to include header & nagivation from a cdn which hosts the header as html. I there a way to include this to default/layout/_index.html?

Tell to the people who gave you this brief that their requirement poses potential security and privacy risks, but even more so, using the HTML nav of another website is not exactly legitimate and it is bound to come with a set of copyright and other issues.

I am closing this topic as OT. We do not provide support for such questions in this forum.

I don’t agree with @alexandros here, but I don’t think it’s currently possible/practical with Hugo.

Once this gets developed, it should be doable:

And yes, there may be security concerns, but in the example above you would typically own the CDN resources in question – and we will add some kind of (optional) checksum support so your build willl fail if the upstream resource changes.