"=" in unquoted attr: "="


I’m using a JS template engine, but it’s logic is in conflict with the template parser:

ERROR 2017/04/26 15:50:29 Error while rendering "page": template: pages/account.html:10:7: executing "pages/account.html" at <partial "microtempla...>: error calling partial: html/template:partials/microtemplates/accountForm.txt: "=" in unquoted attr: "="

Being the code:

<input id="payment-method" type="text" class="form-control"
  {%if payment_method == 'apple'%}
  {%else payment_method == 'cc'%}
    value="{{ i18n "creditCard" }}"
  {%else payment_method == 'thanks'%}
    value="{{ i18n "freemium" }}"
  {%else payment_method == 'zenvia'%}
    value="{{ i18n "phoneBill" }}"
   disabled />

I tried to use a .txt partial, but without luck.

Thank you all!

Note that even with the text partials, you wuld have to mark them as safe with safeHTML or one of its cousins.