In operator for maps

Hi, how do I check for the presence of a value in maps of attributes ? Attributes.class in particular, in render-image.html. In doesn’t work, and strings.Contains either, nor does string (.Attributes.Class). Or are any of these methods supposed to work?

First, I assume your site config has:

wrapStandAloneImageWithinParagraph = false # default is true

title = true # default is true; applies to h1-h6 elements
block = true # default is false; applies to other block-level elements

Second, I assume your markdown looks like

{.foo .bar}

Third, .Attributes.Class is not a thing. You want .Attributes.class. When in doubt, use something like this to inspect:

<pre>{{ jsonify (dict "indent" "  ") .Attributes }}</pre>

Fourth, assuming you’ve done all of the above, this works as expected:

{{ in .Attributes.class "foo" }}
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case-sensitivity. again. Ok.

Do you remember the private conversations we had, under your previous account, about behavior and attitude?

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yes, and sometimes frustation gets the better of me. Corrected, sorry.
And thanks I finally got the ultra perfect optimized responsive image code I always wanted. I saw that it works. Providing certainly less than a marginal improvement, but I feel good now…

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