Improving table formatting in documentation for template lookup order

The documentation for the template lookup order contains some pretty helpful tables that many new users probably check often (I certainly do).

But the formatting is a bit of a mess, especially in the last column: Instead of a nice orderly list it’s just a blob of text with line breaks at the most unhelpful places.

I checked and it seems like the data actually comes from data/docs.json at line 2075 (I can’t put more than 2 links into this post as I am a new user) and the formatting is done in a shortcode at this line.

I’d love to make a pull request which converts the data into an <ul> construct, but there are two problems:

  1. I am not fluent in Go.
  2. I don’t know if this shortcode is used in other places where the data is not shaped as a dict.

Does anyone have a good idea on how to move forward?