Impossible to install Hugo most recent version


I use a laptop with linux mint 19.3. I tried installing hugo via apt install hugo, but this always pointing to 0.4 version (quite outdated).
I tried downloading both amd64 and arm64 packages but I wasn’t able to get them running on my machine, which have a x86_64

Any idea of a workaround ?

What does that mean?

It means that it either can’t install the package (because archtecture not compatible with x86_64) or If I try to add for instance arm64 architecture, hugo won’t run because of errors

With a virgin installation of Linux Mint 19.3, this works great:

curl -LJO
sudo dpkg -i hugo_extended_0.117.0_linux-amd64.deb
rm  hugo_extended_0.117.0_linux-amd64.deb
hugo version

And to clarify, the amd64 architecture is also known as x86-64, x86_64, x64, and Intel 64.