Import font in custom.css

In order to import fonts I put in my custom.css file the following lines:

@font-face {
  font-family: suezone;
  font-weight: 400;
  font-style: normal;
  src: url(../static/fonts/suezone.woff2?#iefix) format('woff2'), url(../fonts/suezone.woff) format('woff'), url(../fonts/suezone.ttf) format('truetype');

but the path to the folder fonts seems not to work correctly.
the custom.css file is located in partial and called through an other partial

{{ partial “head/custom.css” | safeCSS }}

the fonts folder is located in static

Could you please help me to correct the path sicen I am a little but confused when using AbsURL, RelURL and so far.

You need to eliminate the above from your URL.