Implementing Facet navigation

Wondering if there is way to implement search facet based navigation as seen in the following site with hugo.

The facet based navigation on side bar allows users to quickly select the content by selecting checkboxes.

As a first approach, I would say that faceted navigation, which creates a combinatorial explosion, is not ideal with a static site.

This is exactly the kind of website where a database is much better.

But it all depends on the number of pages and facets.

Perhaps using tags and categories in your content. And then displaying these in a sidebar could be one possible solution for static site?

In curriculum, I choose 2 in 5 possibilities.
In type of activity, I choose 3 in 7 possibilities
In topic by month, I chosse 5 in 11 possibilities.

I have to generate 21700 (10 x 35 x 462) static pages…