Implement section title in sidebar

Hi everyone, I have a docs site. I need some help in implementing these section titles in the sidebar.
I’m trying to explain with examples:

 Parent1  >
 |   Parent2  > 
 |   |   child1
 |   |   child2

If I open the file child1 its URL become /Parent1/Parent2/child1, will that be possible to skip the Parent2 from the URL, i.e. /Parent1/child1? I need to skip a directory from the URL, but it should be in the sidebar section. I’m using the docsy theme. I think it can be possible with frontmatter, but it would be helpful if someone helps me here.

Is It a menu, a title or a URL question?

If I understand correctly, you’re going to change the URL, but keep the Parent2 shown on the sidebar. If so, you could specify the url in front matter.

url:  /Parent1/child1

Tested on Docsy example.

url: docs/tasks/configuring-ponycopters/

As the image shown, the working with ponycopters won’t be a part of URL.

But it looks weird to me, it conflicts with Parent1/

I’m not sure where to put that, but it might be a menu or URL question.

This works fine, but I’ve lots of child pages/subdirectories under a parent directory, which then I’ve to modify.

Maybe the Permalinks is what you’re looking for. For example,

// config.toml
Parent1 = '/Parent1/:title/'