Images on home page: range

I have a collection of images that I have in content/images
under themes I have layouts/index.html. I have a matching in content/ that I do not think is relevant. (?)

In my index.html I have the code:

      {{ range .Resources.Match "images/*.jpg" }}
      {{ . }} <br/>
      {{ end }}

I thought this should loop over all the images in the images directory. At the very least I would see the </br> in the page source. But I do not.

I am barking up the wrong tree some where. What am I doing wrong?

I can make it work, sort of, like this:

        {{ range (readDir "content/images/") }}
        <img src="images/{{  .Name }}" />
         {{ end }}

But I should be using the concept of Resources, shouldn’t I?

In the Page Bundles doc:

Under β€œWhere can the Resources live?” for Branch Bundles:

Only in the directory level of the branch bundle directory i.e. the directory containing the

Thank you
What is the difference between leaf and branch bundles?

    Leaf Bundle (leaf means it has no children)
    Branch Bundle (home page, section, taxonomy terms, taxonomy list)

I am not sure what has no children means in this context.

A Leaf Bundle is a directory at any hierarchy within the 
content/ directory, that contains an file.


A Branch Bundle is any directory at any hierarchy within 
the content/ directory, that contains at least an file.

Is the difference the _ character appended to the front of the index file? I missed that until I was writing this…

The _ (or lack thereof) before the is what signals whether it is a leaf or a branch bundle.

β€œNo children” means there are no pages nested under it:

└── desserts              # branch bundle
    β”œβ”€β”€ ice-cream         # leaf bundle
    β”‚   └──
    └── pies              # branch bundle
        β”œβ”€β”€ apple-pie     # leaf bundle
        β”‚   └──
        └── pecan-pie     # leaf bundle

Ok. But why? Is there a reason for the difference in the bundles, and is there a reason to swing so much over _index V. index? I am not sure I can see why leaf and the branch bundle need to be so different. I definitely do not see why the index file needs to be different.

I see the children applies to the directory. That makes sense.

I am a bit disturbed having to dump all my files into content/ (rather than tidy them away to content/images) to have them available to the home page.

I am new. Am I doing it wrong?
My home page wants to be heavy with images, it is a artists boasting site.

The question really is what site structure do you want Hugo to generate for you?

Consider my example above. In that state, Hugo will generate

because pies is a branch bundle. If you turn it into a leaf bundle, then the navigable pages end at

You can use headless bundles:

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