Images not displaying in full article

I’m new using Hugo and I have a problem.
I’m including images in my post like this
with the images being saved in static/
The images display correctly in the main page of the website – as a post summary – but unexpectedly disappear (like a broken reference) as far as I access the full article.
I can’t figure out what’s going on, I tried saving the images together with the .md files in content/post/ file but (obviously?) nothing changes.
So, what am I doing wrong?
thanks in advance

You need to figure out what it means to not specify a path to an asset, because that’s what you’re doing. Look at the page source, and see if that path makes sense on the top page, versus a page/in/an/urlpath.

For instance, if you save your images say in static/img, how would you need to specify their paths? What’s the difference between saying ![blah](/img/the_image.jpg) and ![blah](img/the_image.jpg).

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ok, may be I figured it out, I need the absolute url. if I’m right, say for example my website url is and my images are stored in static/, then I can specify the absolute url of an image as
and this way the image displays fine both in the excerpt and in the full article body.

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You’re on the right track. Specifying the url absolutely means “go find it here” no matter where you are in the site.

thank you for your help, now I have a better view of how Hugo handles images

Glad to hear. Relative vs Absolute paths/urls are not Hugo per se, but rather HTML basics, e.g.:

It’s just converting what you specify into code, in an unsurprising way.