Images in markdown from page bundles


I am setting up a site for our hackerspace.
The idea is that everyone can add and edit content.
Thats why i try to keep the principles as simple as possible.

I like the idea of page bundles.
Someone wanting to add an event creates a folder in /content/events with a .md file for the events and media files. All in one directory.
But then, how to show an image from that markdown file?
Shortcodes don’t work in markdown.

Ideally it would be that you just have something as simple as:

![alt text](example.png "Logo Title")

Easy to grasp, just point to an image from your directory.

So, how would someone have this?

Many thanks!

That works fine. I use that already.

Can you describe what mean, they don’t work in markdown? Shortcodes are specifically for use in markdown docs.

Shortcodes work in markup !

For page bundles you can make an subdirectory images and put the image file in it.

Markup sample:

![Sink](images/sink.jpg "Sink with plants")

ok got it working.

Just tested in one of my own pages, and it does work with no subfolder. You can put the images with the markdown file, if you like. Or, use a subfolder; your choice.