Images in Hugo

Could someone explain where the static folder is to save images into? Is public/images not where you should save images?

The two usual methods for handling images are:

I personally prefer Page Resources because it’s useful to keep the images for an article / post with the text of the article itself, but they have restrictions, e.g. they can’t be accessed from arbitrary other pages.

The /public folder is where Hugo saves your output, so you shouldn’t copy any content in there yourself manually; it could get overwritten at any time and isn’t normally checked in to source control.

I use /static/ and created an /img/ folder inside it. All of my images go in /img.

I use /static/images rather than Page Resources for future-proofing. If I have to move to another application at some point, it might not grok page resources and I don’t want to have to restructure everything if not needed. (I’m not planning to change applications, but over 18 years I’ve switched from Blosxom to MovableType to Drupal to WordPress to Hugo, so who knows?)