Images doesn't display from markdown file when using Agen theme in hugo

Hi all,

I am having great annoying issue. Images cannot display on the website when I want to use in any markdown.

Even I tried to keep them in the same directory it is not working.

  1. The usage content/community/images and also the md file in the same directory content/community/ I did:


  2. static/images/community/logo2.png and I try to get the image in by writing: You can see from repo. I cannot share 2 images path now. The system doesn’t allow.

Normally both ways work when I don’t use any themes. Is something wrong with Agen Theme? Or am I missing something here? If someone help I would really appreciate it.

This is the PR of the code in case:

And the repo branch:

I suggest that you start small: one image, one MD file, and a clear description of what you want to achieve, what you did, and what the outcome was.

From what I could see, you’re trying to use an image from front matter (not MD itself, though). But I have no idea where you want that image to appear. Nor tge time to figure that out.

Thank you for your answer but my question is not related image in the front matter they are working fine. If you look at the file:

and the line is:

![Our Focus](images/community/US_Policy.png "Our Focus")

you would see I try to use image from MD and it is not displaying in the website page.

You are serving your site from a subdirectory:

baseURL = ""

If you want to reference an image in the static directory, you must include the subdirectory from which your site is served, starting with a slash:

![Our Focus](/ "Our Focus")

It is easier to bundle your images with your content:

└── US_Policy.png

Then reference the image using a relative URL (no leading slash):

![Our Focus](US_Policy.png "Our Focus")
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Thank you so much that solved the issue.

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