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my repo: nataliepjlin/bblist (
Hi! I added logo, favicon, cover image to my website recently. It worked well locally, but I found that the url on the site will be instead of ~/bblist/up_team.jpg so the images won’t display. Is there any ways I can fix this?

First, your publishDir (public) is a bit of a mess. It looks like you have somehow copied your entire project directory into the public directory. The public directory is created and populated when you run hugo.

Second, your site configuration contains this:

logo = "/logo.jpg"

This will resolve to the server root ( but you are serving your site from a subdirectory. Options:

1) Change the value in site configuration

logo = "/bblist/logo.jpg"

2) Contact the theme author ( and ask them to update their templates to allow a site to be served from a subdirectory.

Your problems with favicon and cover image are similar.

the first one works! thanks a lot

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