Image Processing Renames

I’m noticing that when I process images some images get a name like:


and other images get a name like:


The difference here is that the first name lists the size, filter, etc… but the second one seems to only be the hash.

The only thing I can think that is different between the 2 types of images is that the images that are being renamed without filter, sizes, etc… have really long files names to begin with. The interesting part, though, is that the files with the really long filenames end up with a shorter one than the files with rather short file names.

If the image file has a long filename, does the file end up with a truncated name?

I’d like to keep as much as the original image filename as possible and if that’s not possible, seeing the filter/size/etc… would be beneficial.

Any guidance would be appreciated.

As always, thank you @bep

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