Image process with Git submodule


I want to include a Git submodule in my Hugo project, which contains images (Git-LFS). The images are all high resolution (for printing), so I would like to make the images smaller for the website. The image folder is stored under “assets/common/images”, where “common” is the submodule. How can I now embed an image using shortcode? I would like to do something like this

 {{< imageresize "assets/common/images/myimage.jpg" "400px" >}}

My problem is that the images are all in one directory and I want to enter the file names and size individually, but with

<img src="{{ (.Resources.GetMatch "assets/common/images/myimage.jpg").Content | base64Encode }}">

I cannot get access to my image files.
Thanks for help

Since your images live under assets, you’d need to use resources.Get instead of .Resources.GetMatch (which is for page resources).

See hugo pipes intro for examples.