If .IsPage from shortcode?


What can I use as if .IsPage from within a shortcode?

Ironically, .Page.IsPage.

mmm something’s wrong because my taxonomy is like this:


So by using that in a shortcode, it shows in /blog/category/post/ and in blog/category/

And what is this blog/category/?

Remember, _index.md =/= index.md. _index.md is treated as a list (not a page).

A list.html of everything in /category/

But is also a page, according to Hugo.

Maybe I’m going the wrong way about this. I’m trying to “hide” a large table that is at the beginning of each post entry (in the Summary).

I can hide it with css, but… I know it is not the best way.

It still makes no sense. Are you telling me that, you’re using a list template and Hugo is saying “nope, I’m pretty sure it’s a page”?