IF is not failing on first of three false

I have the following construct:

  {{ $value := site.Data.foldername }}
  {{ if (and (isset $value "config") (isset $value.config "plugins") (isset $value.config.plugins "scss")) }}
  {{ end }}

$value exists, but has no section config and so $value.config.plugins and $value.config.plugins.scss do not exist.

(for example there is a folder data/foldername/something.toml with some toml config data in it)

I would expect the if-construct to bail out silently on the first and parameter (does $value have a section 'config"? nope.)

But it does not, it fails with the famed warning:

WARNING: calling IsSet with unsupported type "invalid" (<nil>) will always return false.

I am very sure that the if-line is throwing this warning (debugged it line by line).

If I change the line into three separate if lines the warning disappears.

  {{ if isset $value "config" }}
    {{ if isset $value.config "plugins" }}
      {{ if isset $value.config.plugins "scss" }}
      {{ end }}
    {{ end }}
  {{ end }}

Shouldn’t the first if being false lead to the whole loop be ignored without an error?

Hmm… it seems the issue is not with the if, but in the and and that logically needs to check at least two parameters. Back to the drawing board.

It could short curcuit though: if the first value is false the whole expression must be false.

This is going to be fixed soonish…

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